avalon_storm (avalon_storm) wrote in the_pteenclub,

My intro!

My name is Avalon and I'm 15 years old. =)

I love to chat, read, especially fantasy and biography and some historical fiction like Phillipa Gregory, I like music especially sort of indie-folky bands and I work with my mother's system for a fashion magazine website. They are editors and writers. I am about to start a certificate in Thanatology in online courses which is the study of death and death beliefs. I know that is weird, but I am a little weird. =) I also like to cook, especially homemade pizza.

I have a huge and close family of stepsiblings and cousins and there is a chart here but mostly my closest family is my brother Ahren who is 19, my sister Anala who is 5, and my baby brother Asher who is 2. Also Caprice who works with me and our aunts at work. My mother and her system and I guess our body have two body-sons who are 6 and 1.5 years old, so that is pretty busy.

I have a boyfriend, David, he is 19 and he is in another multiple system that lives far away. He has a pesky brother Mikael and sometimes it feels like I have two older brothers which is one too many. =)

I'm the daughter of two multiples systems. My mother is Magdalynn, but the person that mostly posts on LJ is my aunt shandra. My mother is the head priestess for a death cult so that is where I get my interest in death although my approach is quite different from hers. =)

My father is/was San, from ellin_grey's system but he no longer has any contact with me since he and my mum broke up and he decided he did not want to hear from me in words again. There was some weirdness so supposedly there is another me in their system.

Well I don't really know what else to say!
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